Paragliding is the fastest growing adventure sport in India. You are taken to the top of the hill the ropeway from where the pilot takes jump along with you with a special parachute and as he is lifted up it allows him ride the air current (thermals) to fly like a bird to go great distances before he lands. Our Pilots are trained and experienced and will fly with you on tandem flight for a thrilling experience.

River Rafting

Rafting is recreational adventure activity. One can enjoy the thrill of riding the fast current of the river Beas with beautiful views hills around along with the clear water of the gushing river gushing through the town with full force. River Rafting is conducted on the river Beas between Kullu and Manali.
snownest Rafting


Skiing is a winter sport and one can enjoy thrilling experiencing of skiing on the slopes in the solang valley during the month of February- March.

Packages of Paragliding, Rafting and Skiing can be arranged as per your requirement.
Basic course, Intermediate course and advanced course of Paragliding, Skiing and Rafting can be arranged or you can just choose to experience the thrill of any of these adventure sports. All Packages include theory classes and practical classes conducted by experienced trainer.
shimla skiing